About Me

A little something about me….


I am Nimra, a Biotechnologist currently living in Los Angeles, California welcome to my scientific kitchen lab. Behind this creation, I am presenting you very simple ways to cook challenging recipes in very less time.

Why Fit mom cooking?

I want to create a place where we can produce fresh, aromatic, tasty and healthy meals, just like in your kitchen, to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I love to cook and learn new recipes each day with determination and energy. Cooking food is not only an art, but it is a way of expressing your love for food, either by cooking or eating. Trust me! Without judging you can invent delightful recipes literally in a few minutes. All you need is an appreciation and dedication to enjoying cooking. 

What I am Making?

My food is all about authentic spices and seasonings and I would love to share my traditional recipes. I know that there are so many recipes out there but I want to make it special and design my own technical recipe with some additional ingredients without making a mess of original recipes. I also want to discuss basics of meal prepping in the daily routine that saves a lot of money and time.

That is why I started this blog to help you guys through sharing lots of yummy recipes.

Now, you are joining my team to support this platform grows stronger. If you want to share your experience feel free to contact me.

I am always trying to acquire extraordinary things in a very positive way.

Thank you so much visiting,



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